Chinese activist-artist raises awareness by sucking up smog into bricks



If you live in urban areas, you are privy to toxins and air pollution surrounding your area, inhaling them probably 24/7. Unless you have access to more techy devices, you probably do not know how bad the air quality is, or maybe you prefer not to. China has a notorious issue with air pollution and the debilitating smog issue, with several attempts to bring awareness to government leaders, and hoping to improve the situation. The latest attempt comes from a Chinese activist artist under the moniker, Nut Brother. Armed with a industrial powered vacuum, he is suctioning up the smog and creating bricks out of the bothersome issue.


The project spanned across 100 days with Nut Brother documenting himself going around various parts of Beijing, vacuum in hand, sucking up smog and hoping to change a long-standing issue. He kept a pictorial diary of his daily efforts that can be seen on his Weibo account.

NetEase reports the vacuum has about 1000 watt power at its highest setting, and enough suction power to equal as much air as 62 people do in one day. After his 100th day of absorbing what locals have breathed in their entire lives, Nut Brother decided to compress all of the collected dust into a neat symbolic brick. Hoping to garner attention towards the true weight of environmental issue.


And like a true environmentalist, not even wanting his own piece of art go to waste, beyond raising awareness, he hopes the brick will be used to build something in the city.

Source: CityLab 

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