10 most incredible three-wheeler vehicles

There is a very interesting writing principle called “Rule of three” which says things that come in three are more effective, funnier and inherently more satisfying than things that come in any other number. So why shouldn’t this also apply to three-wheeler vehicles as well? I mean, they are definitely far from the usual four, and they stray from minimalistic two-wheeled bicycles, scooters or motor bikes. We listed some of the coolest most interesting three-wheeler vehicles that will make you have a whole new appreciation for the number three.


This barrel bodied design is far form usual. With a front mounted engine and a Mazda MX-5 speed transmission, this car was meant to turn heads. The switch gear is distinctive with the starter being a bomb release button from a Eurofighter.

number 2

This three-wheeler shares the same tubular framework as the Morgan but sustains itself on a 4 speed transmission. It takes its name from a caravan that actually donated some of its aluminum body for the prototype.

number 3

Buckland B3 Mark II

This stunner lacks the barrel body and instead boasts sharper angles and lines. Powered by a Ford Escort engine and a four speed Ford gear box. The two-seater coach is enclosed by glass fiber and a steel framework.

number 4


The Elio looks like no other car on the road, its not all bells and whistles but it was not designed that way. Elio Motor’s designed this car to be cheap and gets unbeatable fuel economy. Cheap it is with an expected price tag of $6,800. It also promises up to 84 mpg on the highway with a three cylinder, 55 horsepower engine.



The T-Rex caters to people who favor a more motor cross experience. These speed demons have 160 horsepower and can get from 0 to 100 km at just a mere 3.9 seconds. Its body is sporty and has open doors much like an ATV.



The Slingshot is quite the vision with its unique bodywork and sports car ascetic. It is a little wider than the previous three-wheelers but that’s because this guy has to make a little more room on the road. It’s hearty high performance tires grip down so you can push the pedal to the metal.

car 7

Toyota I-Road

The Toyota I-Road may not be the sleekest,  but it brings something new to the game of three-wheelers and that is an electric engine. This funky little one-seater may apear meager and tiny but it will zip on by you like the smartcar of the bunch.

car 8

Aptera 2E

The Aptera also runs in the same lane of electric cars; however it is its modernistic framework that really sets it apart. Its tires are almost completely covered to make it appear like it’s hovering by on the road and is capable of reaching a top speed of 85 mph.



This FRS stunner is powered by a Suzuki Bandit motorcycle engine. The Mono shock wishbone front suspension gives it a peculiar shape while the glass fiber body makes it light on the road making sure to get the most speed out of its five-speed sequential transmission.



The Triking brings it back old school with its narrow tires and its tubular framework. It competes with Moto Guzzi five speed driving in the rear wheel via Guzzi bevel box. The coach seating boasts luxury with a spacious two-seater and fine leather stitching.

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