Floating forest to be installed in in Rotterdam’s Rijnhaven

There is great difficulty in maintaining green areas in densely populated cities, which are important for the environment and our health, both physical and mental. Dutch design collective Mothership has created an intervention for the city of Rotterdam that can relieve some of the harshness of living in concrete jungles: a floating forest, or ‘Dobberend Bos’ (Dutch for Bobbing Forest).

Inspired by Colombian sculptor Jorge Bakker’s work, “In Search of Habitus“, which consists of an aquarium full of tiny artificial trees attached to buoys – the collective is specifically intended to spread 20 trees planted inside recycled buoys in Rotterdam’s Rijnhaven harbor next spring. All the material used for the project will be salvaged from old discarded offshore buoys, and the trees dug out from construction sites.


A prototype was done in March 2014, which grew into a healthy tree, demonstrating the efficiency of this design – and with it, getting approval from the local authorities. The group aims to stimulate the population to reflect on how they are affecting the environment around them “What does a city dweller have with nature and how humans and nature relate to the world around them?” they stated on the ‘Dobberend Bos’ website.


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