23-year-old Engineer develops a drone to detect air pollution

Monica Abarca is a young 23-year-old Peruvian engineer who, despite her youth, is a specialist in Mechatronics. She invented a drone composed of sensors and algorithms capable of detecting air pollution, in order to study and fight it.

The device has many possible applications, for example, it can be used in the mining-metallurgical sector by replacing fixed contamination measurement stations. Therefore, it makes it possible to inspect a much larger area and more efficiently detect if air pollution is harmful people close to the mines.


The drone created by Monica can fly up to 500 meters above sea level, has a flight range of 10 minutes and is not equipped with camera. However, a second version, which is under development, can fly for up to thirty minutes and will have a camera that will facilitate the process of exploration. In addition, the new design will also be able to fly higher, becoming even more useful in other areas. For now, Monica is looking into helping identify the impact of pollution caused by mining, one of the major problems affecting many countries.

Source: Diario Ecología

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