Amazon unveils their new drone delivery system

Amazon revealed how they will deliver their online purchased products in the future. In a video, they showed their new delivery drone – Amazon Prime Air.


The video shows the unmanned aerial vehicle on a delivery mission – narrated by Top Gear’s very own Jeremy Clarkson. Amazon points out that despite being a publicity stunt, the drone’s flight is not simulated. The company also highlights that the automated logistics system from the video is also real: the drone is loaded at Amazon’s warehouse and takes off to deliver the package in 30 minutes or less.

The drone is equipped with a system that identifies and diverts from objects in the air and on land. According to Amazon, the device has a 24 km range and flies no higher than 122 meters. Amazon did cause a bit of a commotion when announced, back in 2013, its plans to use drones in order to make deliveries only half an hour after the purchase order.

Source: IFL Science

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