Microsoft’s HoloLens allows you to fight aliens in your living room

We’ve just showed you the Surface Book debuted at the Microsoft October 2015 Event, in which a device called HoloLens was also exhibited. This is a device Microsoft has been working on for quite sometime under the code name ‘Project X’. HoloLens is a headset that enables you to see and interact with holographic images in your environment. In fact, Microsoft has already demonstrated the ability of the HoloLens to create holograms before. This time, they are taking it one step further.

In what they call ‘mixed-reality gaming’, the HoloLens enables you to fight with aliens and robots in your own living room. During the event, a Microsoft employee wore the HoloLens and protected the stage from alien robots that were crawling through the walls.

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The HoloLens has the ability to understand the environment and this feature allows you to turn any room into a holographic gaming scene. It also comes with a controller and this is what makes this technology very interesting. By holding the controller with one hand, you can simulate different holographic weapons around your arm.

When you move your arm, the weapon moves accordingly and this gives the impression that you are actually holding the weapon. This is known as a wearable hologram. Now that you have a weapon, you can use it to attack the aliens invading your living room.

hololen shooting aliens

[Image Source: Microsoft]

In the demo, the employee simulated a gauntlet and even a shield while fighting alien robots. You can even cause damage to your room by shooting at different places. For example, you can destroy the wall by repeatedly shooting at it with a gauntlet. The aliens have also been programmed to be smart as well. They know the location of the walls and furniture in the room and take this into consideration as they plan on attacking you.

The development kit for the HoloLens will be available in Q1 for $3000, according to Microsoft.

Source: Microsoft

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