Microsoft just debuted the Surface Book, making MacBooks just look silly

Microsoft just dropped some bombs on the tech world this week with its annual slew of October releases. Everyone was excited to see the new toys that the pioneering company was to debut with a few anticipated smartphones, computers, virtual reality headsets. However nobody was ready for the Microsoft’s latest take on the laptop, which they named — the Surface Book with the small claim that it’s only the “fastest 13-inch laptop ever made.” Tech Insider also quirkily refers to it as “the MacBook Pro Killer.”

If that is not already a pretty audacious comment, the promo ad begins to highlight some of facets to this pretty incredible piece of design. Somewhere around the 0:59 mark it starts to feel a lot like a late night information displaying a product that has a million different uses that you want to believe, but almost can’t really believe its true.

surface-book-hero [Image source: Thurrott]

Truth is, this is definitely one of the most exciting things Microsoft has ever engineered. Literally taking into account every demand a user could ever want with its sleek composition, stylus functionality, detachable tablet option and hinge that looks like the future itself. Here are some other trailblazing features, and starting at $1,499 it could all be yours.

  • 13.5″ display\ 6 million mega pixels\ 267 DPI
  • Accelerated graphics
  • NVIDIA GeForcer GPU; High-speed GDDR5 Memory
  • (2) USB 3.0; Full size SD card
  • Precision glass trackpad; 5 point multitouch
  • Integrated backlit keyboard
  • Machined Magnesium body
  • 12-hour battery life
  • Dynamic Fulcrum hinge
  • 6th generation Intel Core Processor
  • Up to 16 GB RAM & 1 TB Storage
  • Thinnest and lightest Core i7 PC
  • Detachable tablet function with muscle wire lock


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