Photos of China’s latest glass bottom bridge will make you queazy

Disclaimer: even those who don’t suffer from vertigo will take a hit by some of these visuals. Central China’s recently released another high altitude glass bottom bridge to tourists and is the longest glass suspension bridge to date. The view is unquestionably incredible, the bridge connects two cliffs in Shiniuzhai National Geological Park.

Haohan Qiao, which translates to ‘Brave Men’s Bridge’, is actually a remodeling of the previous bridge featuring a wooden platform bottom. The structure is about 600 feet above the valley floor and almost 1000 feet in length from peak to peak. The glass panels are surprisingly thin, being only about 24 millimeters (1 inch) thick but supposedly is 25 times stronger than normal glass. The frameworks for the bridge is steel and is very strong for those who are brave enough not to tip-toe across.

[Image source: Weburbanist][Image source: Weburbanist]

There certainly seems to be a trend in transparent features in architecture, with the London Tower bridge, new additions to the Eiffel Tower, and the plans to open another bridge above Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon later this year. Once completed, the Zhangjiajie bridge will be the longest glass pedestrian bridge in the world spanning 1200 feet long (longer that 3 football fields). According to Wired, Zhangjiajie was also the same valley that inspired the enrapturing scenery in the film Avatar.

As flawless and omnipotent as all of these structures seem to be, just today CNN reports another glass bridge in china, just start acquiring cracks in its structure. The bridge in Yuntaishan (Yuntai Mountain) Scenic Park experienced some glass bottom shattering. Luckily visitors were evacuated before anyone was hurt. The Yuntaishan bridge just opened two weeks ago to the public.

Source and images: Weburbanist

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